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What we can do

We're a versatile design company, and while a lot of our focus is on creating workshops, courses, and other helpful tools, we do enjoy client work as well. So what can we do?

We like to creatively solve problems

We truly are versatile, our services range from product and line development, prototyping, and testing, all the way to photography, cinematography, web, and graphic design.

Having such a wide breadth of experience means we can think about how a product will look in a film, before the first prototype is even developed.

Product Design

We love designing beautiful, durable products. We can design a wide range of products including outerwear, bags, hard goods, small goods, furniture, displays, and more.

Development and prototyping

Designing is one thing, but bringing it into the real world is something else entirely. Well versed in fabrics, leather, wood, metal, and plastic, we can bring almost anything to life.

Testing and manufacturing

Thorough testing is a must for any product, and one we take seriously. Once testing is finished we can develop tech packs and help source manufacturing.


Great photography is more important than ever, and we pride ourselves on our ability to take stunning photography, whether it's in the studio or in the alpine.


We focus on compelling, story based filmmaking. Capturing inspiring imagery and authentic moments to create memorable short films and branded content.

Web and Graphic Design

Brand development, packaging, print design and web design for a wide range of business sizes. All intentionally developed to creatively meet the unique needs of your company.

We work with you to capture your vision, and bring it into the real world

Bags and leatherwork, outerwear, hard goods, furniture, displays, and more.

We give it our all with every new project
Product Development

Product design and development is at the core of what we do, and we love it. The concept of developing an idea into a real, physical product never gets boring.

We design and develop all types of products, large and small. From keychains and small accessories, to bags and outerwear, all the way to furniture and portable architecture. This wide range gives insight to the different processes, materials, and techniques, that culminate into world class products.

Lathley sewing leather and blue waxed canvas using an industrial sewing machine

We've worked with small batch - family run manufacturers all the way to large over-seas factories. We can create detailed designs and tech packs, and design products from the start with manufacturing in mind.

A passion for material science and construction, from fabrics to metals

Products are made of materials, and world class products need world class materials. Material sciences have come an incredibly long way in recent years, and continues to push forward in new and exciting ways. From advanced waterproof breathable membranes, to polymers made from recycled fishing nets, to leather made from mushrooms, the world of materials is ever expanding.

We're geeks when it comes to materials, and we could ramble on for ages about the strength to weight ratio of titanium vs aluminum but suffice to say we'll figure out the best materials for your project, and help you source them.


What good is a beautiful product if you can't show it? Whether we helped create the product or not, we can help get stunning imagery of it. Whether it's studio shots, lifestyle images, or both.


Studio and lifestyle are two sides of the same coin for us. We can help conceptualize and capture amazing product images in the studio and in an environmental settings.


Filmmaking is an amazing opportunity to tell a story for your product and brand. We'll help write and develop captivating stories and handle production, so you get a film that is authentic and compelling.

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