Outerwear Design Mini Course
Outerwear Design Mini Course
$49  $29

You can become an outerwear designer at your kitchen table

Learn how to design professional outerwear at home
$49  $29
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Learn industry knowledge from a designer with over a decade of professional experience

Years of designing and building outerwear on a professional level has taught me countless strategies and tips on how to get professional results in outerwear and garment design.

Here at Lathley we want to help bridge the gap between home sewing and professional design, and this mini course is the perfect place to start.

Learn our top tips and tricks to create professional outerwear at home - including strategies we've used to win industry awards

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Detailed design lessons

We teach you everything you need to know about designing and building professional outerwear – from materials and trim, sourcing, fit, professional craftsmanship, design, details, and more.
90 minutes of video lessons
Over 20 video lessons pulled directly from our full Outerwear Design Course
58 page digital workbook
A 58 page digital workbook that offers even more detail and resources

2 Sections

Pulled directly from the Outerwear Design Course

Section One
  • Intro to the mini course

  • Tools and equipment for outerwear

  • Professional outerwear components breakdown

  • Craftsmanship and its relative importance

  • The two worlds of fabric

  • The two styles of fabric

  • Layered and coated fabrics

  • Intro to trim and thread deep dive

  • Zipper deep dive

  • Additional trim

Section Two
  • What makes jackets from a factory look so professional

  • Tips and tricks on getting professional craftsmanship at home

  • Bold and subtle outerwear details

  • Jacket interiors

  • Functional details and pockets

  • Non functional and punch details

  • Outerwear fit

  • Proper fit and how to modify fit

  • Pattern run-through

  • Design thinking, prototyping, conceptualizing, and research

  • Moodboarding and sketching

Self-paced & community based

Get instant access to all video lessons and the workbook so you can learn at your own pace, one lesson a day or binge it all at once!

The mini course also comes with Lathley Community access - ask questions, offer insight, and get support from a community dedicated to achieving professional results in their creative projects.
All video lessons & workbook available immediately
Self paced lessons
Includes Lathley Community membership

Get started on your outerwear journey

Learn what it takes to design and build professional jackets
$49  $29