Outerwear Design Course

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Outerwear Design Course

You can make professional outerwear at your kitchen table

Learn how to design and build professional outerwear at home - even with limited tools and experience

Introducing the Lathley Outerwear Design Course — a new (or slightly different) approach to sewing and outerwear design. We're here to show that you don't need special equipment, a design loft downtown, or years of schooling to create world class outerwear.

Become You are a Designer

Believe it, because we do.

We're all designers, so we're not here to teach you how to make a specific jacket, we're here to teach you the fundamentals of outerwear design, so you can design and build your own jackets. This isn't a recipe - this is a culinary course.

You're the visionary, you're the designer.

Lifetime access to 68 detailed video lessons
Full set of professional printed patterns
70 page workbook PDF & Detailed sourcebook PDF
Access to future content & lessons
60 day guarantee

Theory & Practice

The Outerwear Design Course is organized into six simple sections


We teach you everything you need to know about designing and building professional outerwear, from materials and trim, sourcing, fit, professional craftsmanship, design, details, and more.


Next we put it into practice by designing and building four different jackets from start to finish, two technical jackets and two classic jackets. Watch as we work on our designs, and bring each jacket from concept to reality. Finally we end each jacket with what worked well, and what we could improve for next time.

Individual & commercial options

If you want to learn how to design and create professional outerwear, the full course has everything you need - including patterns licensed for commercial use (you are free encouraged to sell jackets made with the patterns we give you)

If your company needs some hands on assistance developing an outerwear collection - we offer a personalized service that ranges from conceptualizing, tech pack development, sourcing, production assistance, branding, packaging, and imagery - all at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house development team.

Full Course


Starting at


If you are interested in commercial options reach out to us here

Four Unlimited jackets, one pattern

Women's   Xs - XL
Men's   XS - XL

These aren't your average tissue paper patterns that come in an envelope - these are professionally printed patterns. Ten sheets each measuring 36" x 48" shipped rolled, not folded. Each pattern piece is separate, meaning you can make as many jackets in as many sizes as you want.

You also get so much more than just printed patterns with this course - we teach you how to modify the patterns to make nearly any kind of outerwear you can imagine, and nail the perfect fit.

- Hooded sweater? Check
- Waxed canvas bomber? Check
- Leather jacket? Check
- Rain jacket? Check
- Winter parka? Check

We love all outerwear, from leather motorcycle jackets to technical rain shells and everything in between. Anything is possible once you learn the fundamentals of outerwear design and construction, and it's easier than you think.

Eric Goodwin wearing the waterproof breathable jacket from Section Four

Award winning

I have had the amazing fortune to work as a professional designer over my career so far. I've won awards, shown collections in fashion shows, worked with amazing teams, and have been featured in various magazines and media - but that's not important.

What is important is that I love outerwear, and I love teaching. I'm not here to talk about my accomplishments, I'm here to help you achieve what you want to accomplish.

- Eric

We'll teach you how to make professional outerwear - guaranteed

6 Sections

The Outerwear Design Course is organized into six sections -
with over 11 hours of detailed step by step video lessons

Section One

  • Introduction to the course and Section One

  • Tools and equipment for outerwear

  • Professional outerwear components breakdown

  • Craftsmanship and it's relative importance

  • The two worlds of fabric

  • The two styles of fabric

  • Layered and coated fabrics

  • Intro to trim and thread deep dive

  • Zipper deep dive

  • Additional trim

Section Two

  • Introduction to Section Two and a lesson on what makes jackets from a factory look so professional

  • Tips and tricks on getting professional craftsmanship at home

  • Bold and subtle outerwear details

  • Jacket interiors

  • Functional details and pockets

  • Non functional and punch details

  • Outerwear fit

  • Proper fit and how to modify fit

  • Pattern run-through

  • Design thinking, prototyping, conceptualizing, and research

  • Moodboarding and sketching

Section Three

  • Introduction to Section Three

  • Creating a draft jacket

  • Fitting a draft jacket

  • Jacket One concept and mood boarding

  • Jacket One sketch and plan

  • Materials and trim for Jacket One

  • Marking and cutting Jacket One

  • Assembling Jacket One

  • Jacket One review

Section Four

  • Introduction to Section Four

  • Jacket Two concept and mood boarding

  • Jacket Two sketch and plan

  • Materials and trim for Jacket Two

  • Marking and cutting Jacket Two

  • Assembling Jacket Two

  • Jacket Two review

Section Five

  • Introduction to Section Five

  • Jacket Three concept and mood boarding

  • Jacket Three sketch and plan

  • Materials and trim for Jacket Three

  • Marking and cutting Jacket Three

  • Assembling Jacket Three

  • Jacket Three review

Section Six

  • Introduction to Section Six

  • Jacket Four concept and mood boarding

  • Jacket Four sketch and plan

  • Materials and trim for Jacket Four

  • Marking and cutting Jacket Four

  • Assembling Jacket Four

  • Jacket Four review

Waxed canvas bomber jacket from Section Five

60 Day Guarantee

We're not here to make a quick sale, we're here to help you design and build jackets you're proud of.

That's why we offer a 60 day guarantee so there's no rush - if the course isn't right for you, we'll refund your course fee, simple as that.

'With Eric's versatile knowledge and experience in garment production, raw material selection, digital and industrial design, I would confidently recommend him as a strong and capable instructor'

- Jonathan Tan
Raw Material Sourcing, lululemon athletica

Design and build jackets people want to buy

It's one thing to make a jacket that gets compliments, it's another thing entirely to make a jacket people will give you their hard earned money for - and that's exactly what we want to show you.

We've built and sold hundreds of jackets over the years using the exact patterns, techniques, and strategies we teach in this course. So you can go from "Did you make that jacket?" to "Can I buy that jacket?"

Fleece backed waterproof breathable soft-shell jacket from Section Three


You can't make professional outerwear without professional materials, so we cover the details on how and where to source professional materials.

Oh and we also give you our Sourcebook, a list of our favourite material suppliers that took years to build.

Digital Workbook & Sourcebook

The Outerwear Design Course comes with two PDF guides:

  • The Workbook contains over 70 pages of in depth info, from tools and equipment, to design, tips, and detailed material guides.

  • The Sourcebook is a concise list of some of our favourite outerwear material suppliers for outerwear.

Both guides are regularly expanded and updated, and all updates are included with every course purchase.

We do it all in a spare bedroom and so can you!

Ready to rock?

If you're ready to learn a skill few people have, sign up below - we can't wait to see you inside!

The Lathley Team

$599 USD
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We've put together the most common questions about our course, and if you can't find the answer here please don't hesitate to reach out!

email us

I really want to make my own jacket - but what if I’ve never sewn before? How much sewing experience do I need?

Awesome to hear you’re interested in making your own outerwear!

This course is designed as an introductory course, though we do recommend students having some sewing experience before starting this course - being comfortable with your sewing machine and how it operates, and having some experience making easy projects (such as tote bags or blankets) would be great to have before starting our course.

For some easy projects, check out our projects section here!

Do I need a specific kind of sewing machine?

You will not need a specific machine - just one that works well and you’re familiar with using. We are working with denser fabrics such as denim and canvas which some lighter duty home sewing machines may struggle with. We suggest using a heavy duty sewing machine, or an industrial sewing machine if possible (but it is not required).

The only stitch function required is a single straight stitch.

What other equipment/tools do I need for the course?

We keep it as simple and minimal as possible, but you’ll need:

- Fabric shears (a nice sharp pair)
- Snips (for clipping threads)
- Binder clips (in place of pins for most situations)
- Pins (to use occasionally when binder clips won't work)
- Soft (tailors) measuring tape (for measuring)
- Chalk/pens/pencil crayons (for tracing the pattern)
- Snaps and setting tools (if you want snaps on your jackets)

You can use a dress form if you want but it’s not required (we don’t use one in the course)

Does the course come with patterns?

Yes! The course includes two full printed outerwear patterns in women’s XS - XL and men’s XS - XL along with other pieces like pockets, hoods, etc.

What materials do I need?

We cover materials in the course and provide suggested materials for a wide variety of jacket styles. (and where you can purchase them)

What can I expect from this course?

The course consists of pre-recorded video lessons, and outerwear patterns and a workbook are also provided. In the video lessons, we will cover the basics of outerwear design, including - material selection, fit, and construction. After the basics are covered - the jackets start getting made! In our video lessons, we make four different jackets, each with varying levels of detail and complexity - from moodboard, to sketch, to finished jacket.

How fast paced are the videos?

We try to balance a quick pace without being overwhelming. We do cover a good amount of info in our video lessons and we break up the lessons into their own video chapters - if you need to reference the info again at a later time, you can jump right to the specific chapter from the table of contents on the homepage of the course.

What if I have questions that weren’t covered in the course?

We’re here to help! Shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to help you out. In the future we will also be doing live Q&A’s as well as expanding and refining the course.

What if I’m not sure this is the right course for me?

Shoot us an email! We’re here to help, not make a sale - we’ll help you figure out if this course is right for you and aligned with your sewing and design goals.

What is your refund policy?

We have a 60 day full refund policy for the course (not including printed patterns or printed workbook) - but you have to show us that you’ve attempted the course, put in the work, but the course just wasn’t right for you. (This is to help us avoid people buying the course just to get the patterns and then returning it)

Can I expect any kind of support?

Definitely! We’re here to help if you’re experiencing any kind of technical issues with the course itself, if there’s problems getting the results you want in your outerwear, or if you have any questions or needing further clarification.

We’ll do everything we can to set you up for success in your outerwear design journey!

Is there a certificate of completion?

Yes! As an included optional benefit - you can receive a certificate of completion after you complete your coursework and it is reviewed by the Lathley team. This is not an automated system, we review your work and send a personalized certificate of completion.