The Start

Wait, what are we trying to do?
Eric Goodwin

What is Lathley? What are we trying to do? Those are good questions, hopefully I can answer them.

First off Lathley (pronounced Lay-thlee) is a lifestyle company, founded by husband and wife duo Eric and Andrea Goodwin. With a passion for design and creating, Lathley was created to be a place to share that very passion.

Lathley is about designing and building things, and giving everyone the tools to design and craft at a professional level. We want to pull back the curtain of design, and show how fun and fulfilling it can be to design and build something of your own. Design is a bit of a broad term, and we feel that it applies to more than people might think. To us, design means seeing something before it exists. After design comes craft - the process of bringing a design into the real world.

This is where we want to help - we're here to help show you how to create professional designs, and how to craft them. We believe that professional level design and craft is not reserved for those with some innate talent or a fancy degree - great design isn't off limits to anyone.

We also want to share a bit about our lifestyle, and how we’ve designed it. We’re passionate about the outdoors, cooking, minimalism, and so much more. We aim to design and craft a life full of experiences and adventures, and hopefully we can help others do the same!

Well hopefully that sums up what we’re trying to do, but as with anything in life, we’re just making it up as we go :)