Modern Marvel

Take a second to step back and see the opportunity around you
Eric Goodwin

As I tap away writing this I’m inches from the window, where outside it’s a rather chilly -56˚C (-68˚F). I’m not in the arctic though, in fact I'm 2,150 m (7,000 ft) higher than the peak of Everest, and I’m traveling at 80% the speed of sound. I’m aboard a relatively average Boeing 737 commercial airliner.

After all the waiting, security checks, full overhead bins, safety lectures, and little plastic cups, it’s hard to remember that what feels so commonplace is actually unbelievably incredible. I write this on a thin laptop with more computing power than the most powerful desktop computers from 2016, While the phone in my pocket communicates with satellites 20,000 km (12,427 miles) away. And the small, modest mirrorless camera in my carry on bag takes better photos than any camera available during the 2010 Olympics, and it also takes better video than the camera Skyfall was shot on.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that it’s truly unbelievable what we have access to now - but while technology is neat, what’s really incredible is what we can do with this technology.

Say for example you want to get into 3D design - pretty much any modern laptop can run industry leading 3D design programs, most of which are free for individual use and come with a wide array of video lessons so you can learn to use them for free.

The resources and equipment available to anyone looking to get into photography and filmmaking is simply staggering. The best cameras in the world in the early 2010’s - the ones shooting National Geographic and Vogue covers - sell for peanuts now on the used market. And of course don’t forget you likely have a very decent camera in your pocket (or in your hand) - the one stuffed into your phone.

Web development used to be difficult, expensive, and time consuming to learn because you had to learn how to code. Not the case anymore - free programs like Figma let anyone try their hand at web and app design work. When you’re ready to push your site live, programs like Webflow let you design and build fully custom websites for free on a staging server - no coding required.

While surprisingly sewing machines haven’t actually changed all that much in the past 100 years, there is still so much opportunity that comes with the modern world. There are all sorts of lessons, training, and courses at your fingertips. You can learn tips and techniques from someone on the other side of the world. When it comes to sourcing world-class materials, trims, and even manufacturing - what not too many years ago would have been impossible for all but the largest companies, now can be done by a keen individual on their phone.

With bills, traffic, news, and the countless other minutiae of life, it can be hard to step back and see the modern world for the marvel it is, but we have opportunities like no one else has had before us - and now is your time to seize it.

So try to step back and see the opportunity around you that wasn’t there just a few short years ago. Because once you can see the opportunity, you can seize the opportunity.