Black Friday

Our plan for Black Friday is a bit different…
Eric Goodwin

I just want to start by saying we’re not inherently against Black Friday, what we are against is the consumerism that Black Friday tends to represent - the frenzy of deep discounts, special offers, and deals that companies use in an effort to get you to spend as much as possible under the guise of “saving”.

We always encourage anyone who will listen to carefully consider what you buy, how much you buy, and how those products are made - with no exceptions for special days or sales. The unfortunate reality is that if mainstream society carries on as it is now - using too much, wasting too much, and consuming more than our planet can sustain - the future is going to be pretty bleak for all of us.

The fact that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, a day we reflect on all that we have to be thankful for, is more than a little ironic. As a company we are dedicated to creating more sustainable ways of doing business, and the traditional Black Friday sale just doesn’t fit into our ethos - so we’re going to try something a little different.

We only have one product for sale at the moment and that's the Outerwear Design Course, so instead of a discount for Black Friday we’re going to plant some trees instead.

For every course sold on Black Friday we’ll plant 599 trees. (one tree per dollar)

When you purchase the Outerwear Design Course this Black Friday, you will be planting trees in areas ravaged by severe deforestation. Revitalizing ecosystems and empowering local communities in Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Brazil. We’ll be donating in your name to an incredible nonprofit that employs 14,800 local workers with fair wages and plants nearly one million trees per day. You can learn more about the amazing organization we'll be supporting here.

Like everything here at Lathley, this is a bit of an experiment - but one we’re incredibly excited about. In the future we aim to do more projects like this, and eventually roll out a permanent version of this program.

We hope you dig it.


The Lathley Team