8 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Sew Your Own Clothes

Hone a valuable skill, express your creativity, and save money!
Marissa Reedeker

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new hobby, or you're wanting to take your sewing skills to the next level, check out these eight reasons why learning to sew your own clothes should definitely be on the top of your list!

1. It's good for the soul

If you're a maker, you've likely experienced the satisfying feeling of creating something with your own hands. If you're not, I hope this article convinces you otherwise! Science has shown that engaging in creative activities like crafting, drawing, or sewing your own clothes can reduce overall stress, improve mental agility, and even reduce cognitive decline.

2. Sewing your own clothes is environmentally friendly

What  if everyone sewed their own clothes? In an era of fast fashion and overflowing textile landfills that can be seen from space, the concept of slow fashion is crucial. By learning to upcycle your own clothes and source durable, sustainable fabrics, you take the problem into your own hands (quite literally) and make a positive impact. In our article about sustainable fabric technology for 2023, we explore some hopeful sustainable fabric solutions. If everyone learned to sew their own clothes and used sustainable, durable fabrics, the power would shift from fast fashion brands back to the consumers.

3. Sewing your own clothes can save you money in the long run

Is sewing your own clothes actually cheaper? Well, there is an initial investment in supplies when starting out, but it pays off quickly. Additionally, you don't need a fancy new sewing machine to create quality garments. A used industrial sewing machine with a straight stitch can work wonders for outerwear! We created a free workshop that covers the tools you'll need to get started. Once you learn the tricks of the trade that allows these world-class brands to sell thousand-dollar jackets, you'll be able to make your own at a fraction of the cost.

4. Perfect the fit

Have you ever gone shopping and tried on a bunch of jackets, only to find that none fit right? Well, when you sew your own clothes, that problem disappears. Plus, many jackets are made in general sizes, but what really makes a jacket look good is the right fit. In our Outerwear Design Course, we emphasize the importance of fit and provide guidance on designing the right size.

5. The skills you gain come in handy more than you think

Isn't it frustrating when your favorite jacket zipper breaks? Well, when you know how to sew and can source a high-quality zipper, you'll be able to repair it without any trouble. The same goes for fixing buttons, loose threads, or patching up a rip. You'll also begin to notice the difference in durability between high-quality and low-quality garments. Unless you want to spend a lot of money on high-quality clothes, you'll quickly realize that sometimes it's better to sew your own.

6. The Sewing & Design Community

There's something wonderful about connecting with people who share similar interests and values. When it comes to sewing, there are numerous online communities where designers share their knowledge, offer support, and enthusiasm. Through design, we've made lifelong friends, which inspired us to create our own online community for designers.

7. You can stand out and express your own style!

Having the skills to conceive a cool design concept and then bring it to life is invaluable. You get to showcase your style, concepts, and ideas in the real world, and there's no better feeling than that! Plus, when people start asking where you bought your clothes, it leads us to the next point.

8. You can make money

Learning to sew your own clothes can start as a hobby, but can lead to something much bigger. Once you have the practice, there's no stopping you from selling your designs - the world deserves to see your work! If you've always dreamed of creating your own brand, know that it's more possible than you think, especially if you have the skills to make high-quality garments. You can keep it local by selling them at community markets, or take it online and take it global!

Learning how to design and create your own clothing can be incredibly powerful. You get to hone a valuable skill, express your creativity, and save money (or even make money!) Excited to start sewing your own clothes but don’t know where to start? Join us in our Free Outerwear Design Workshop and learn what it takes to get started!